Complete Cylinder Head Gasket Set for D902 engine

Part No: TS92



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Head Gasket Set D902 engine

  • 1 x cylinder head gasket (metal layer)

    1 x rocker cover rubber seal

    1 x inlet manifold rubber seal

    1 x “T” stat housing to cylinder head gasket

    1 x “T” stat cover gasket 3 x injectors washers

    3 x injector heat shields 3 x injector leak off washers

    3 x rocker cover nut washers (Dowty)

    1 x exhaust manifold gasket

    1 x exhaust flange gasket (square)

    1 x rocker filler cap ‘O’ ring’

    1 x cylinder head oil feed ‘O’ ring

    6 x Valve Stem Seals


    Bolt torque and fuel settings are included in the gasket contents sheet.


    All our gaskets are manufactured specifically for Kubotaman (all 'soft cut' gaskets are made in-house on our own CNC laser gasket profile cutter), and are the result of 20 years experience repairing and remanufacturing these engines. These sets are complete and comprehensive, unlike others sets on the market, we pack everything you need to complete your build, including alternatives where necessary.